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The Grind storefront in Downtown Jersey City.

Paul’s Picks: The Grind

Just a quick bike ride away, this month’s pick is The Grind coffee shop in Jersey City. Located at 360 Communipaw Avenue, this hip Jersey City hangout will soon become your new favorite place to grab a cup of joe.

Not only does it have amazing La Colombe coffee, it carries delicious snacks and treats. Plus, unlike other coffee chains, it offers a robust, unique, and truly delicious cup of coffee all day long.

Here are my reasons for choosing The Grind in Jersey City above all the rest.

You Just Can’t Beat The Coffee

Latte with traditional 'leaf' latte art.I firmly believe that the most important part of any coffee shop is, of course, the coffee! And on this front, The Grind does not disappoint. Whether you branch out on the regular or have a tried-and-true order, you’ll love the coffee here.

The Grind serves La Colombe coffee, which is known for its rich and flavorful composition. From its light roast (did you know light roast has more caffeine?) to its dark roast, every drop of coffee is delicious at The Grind.

…Or the Donuts

Strawberry coffee cake.The Grind is the exclusive carrier of Doughnut Plant donuts in Jersey City. This brand is beloved for its artisanal, unique donut offerings. One of my favorites is the wild blueberry glazed.

Better get here early, though! These donuts are so wildly popular that the shop often runs out by noon. Don’t be afraid to try other delicious goodies here, though. Some local favorites include the chocolate croissant, sweet coffee cake, and quiche.

And the Atmosphere is a Winner

Bring your laptop, a new book, or a friend to spend the afternoon soaking up the cozy vibes. It’s a simple, minimalist space that feels like home and smells incredible.

There’s plenty of parking nearby, and it’s really just a quick bike ride away from the homes of Port Liberte! If you’re a coffee or pastry lover, I urge you to try The Grind as soon as possible.

Consider Me Your Port Liberte and Jersey City Expert

I want you to have the time of your life in Jersey City. If you’ve been searching for the perfect place to live in this charming city, please consider buying a beautiful home in Port Liberte.

If you ever have any questions about life, or real estate, in Port Liberte, please give me a call. I’m always happy to help.

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