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Support Hurricane Harvey Relief: Animal Aid USA

Now, more than ever, Texas needs our help. Hurricane Harvey devastated many parts of the state, but all of America is coming together to rebuild.

It is inspiring to see so many from all over the country donate their time, money, and resources to relief efforts in Texas. The courageous actions of so many have inspired me to help, which is why I’ve been working with Animal Aid USA.

Animal Aid is a volunteer-based organization whose mission is to create a lifeline for unwanted and abandoned animals. To date, this organization has saved more than 18,000 animals.

I, along with a group of volunteers from New Jersey, traveled with Animal Aid to Texas to assist in relief efforts.

Rescuing Animals in Texas

animal aid volunteersOn August 31st, our volunteer group left New Jersey to travel 28-hours to the Lone Star state.

In Texas, we are visiting shelters and rescuing surrendered or unwanted dogs. The animals we are rescuing were up for adoption before Harvey hit.

While here, we help shelter organizers clean and prepare the spaces for incoming animals.

Our hope is that animals currently being picked up in Harvey have owners that are looking for them. Many pets go missing in the wake of national disasters like Harvey, when cities are evacuated or residents must flee due to flooding.

After rescuing these dogs, we will transport them to no-kill shelters on our way back to New jersey.

Consider Making a Donation

So many animals are in danger as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Our rescue efforts are meaningful, but expensive. If you have the means, please consider making a donation to Animal Aid USA.

I can guarantee that 100% of the donated funds go directly towards saving animals.

Please Reach Out to Me

paul with dogsThe animals that we have rescued are so sweet. They would make wonderful additions to any family, and I hope you will consider rescuing an animal in need.

I am so grateful to my friends and clients who have donated. It truly warms my heart to see so many come together to support those affected by this national disaster.

If you are interested in donating your time or resources to Animal Aid, please contact me. I would be more than happy to connect you with resources or answer any questions.


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