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View of the Statue of Liberty.

3 Reasons to Make Port Liberte Your Home

If you’re looking for a community that’s unlike anywhere you’ve ever been, welcome to Port Liberte.

A unique and charming residential community in Jersey City, there are a million and one reasons to move to Port Liberte. Here, you’ll discover a lovely community of friends and neighbors. Discover locally owned shops, restaurants, and cafes just a few short minutes away.

Did we mention the views? You’ve never lived anywhere like Port Liberte, because there’s no other community that comes close. In fact, here are three reasons to drop what you’re doing and move to Port Liberte.

Cut Your Commute Time in Half

Port Liberte is just 17 minutes away from Wall Street. If you work in New York City, but don’t want to live in New York City, this is the perfect community. Simply hop on a ferry ride every morning for a fast and easy commute. Plus, you get to take in the wonderful views of the Harbor as you wake up!

In fact, many of my friends and former clients have confided in me that their commute time to work actually decreased when they moved out of NYC and into Port Liberte.

Imagine Your Home as a Retreat

Woman sitting in a park looking happy and at peace.Port Liberte isn’t like other neighborhoods. It feels more like a vacation destination than a community, and that’s because of the many wonderful amenities offered here. The picturesque waterfront views will instantly give you a sense of peace, as will the unique European architecture of the buildings here.

You know what’s good for the brain? Green spaces. Port Liberte offers plenty of parks and green spaces, meaning there’s plenty of places outside of your home to relax and rejuvenate. Plus, you can take your pick of the following Port Liberte amenities:

  • Two outdoor swimming pools
  • Outdoor play area
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Professional-style fitness facility
  • Fenced Dog Run
  • Waterfront Promenade

Property Taxes Just Decreased, Unlike Anywhere Else in Jersey City

With recent property tax reevaluations, many Jersey City residents are seeing a stark increase in their property tax payments. But, the new lower-than-expected tax rate coupled with the revaluation actually resulted in lower property taxes for the majority of Port Liberte owners.

These lower property taxes make now a great time to move to Port Liberte.

Ready to Move to Port Liberte?

We should chat about your options. I would love to take you on a private tour of this magnificent community. Browse Port Liberte homes for sale, learn more about the lifestyle here, or check up on how the market is doing.

Whatever you need in Port Liberte, I have your back. Give me a call today to get started.

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